Duh Button Launcher Plus

Duh Button Launcher Plus 1.18

Launch up to 20 programs with one button on your Palm


  • Maps up to 80 buttons
  • Contains several desk accessories


  • Takes a while to get to grips with

Very good

Remember in all those old sci-fi films where all of the futuristic computers had about a million buttons controlling various different things? Well, their vision of the future was wrong. In the modern era of technology users demand their interface to be as simple and obvious as possible. Duh Button Launcher Plus provides a good example of this in practice. The software allows you to map up to 20 programs or desk accessories (DAs) to each of the buttons on your PDA. In other words, if you're device has four buttons you can map up to 80 apps.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting novelty of this applications launcher is the possibility of using the buttons on your device to implement those elements of the desktop you have installed on your system. Besides being able to link up to your features, the program comes with some desktop tools of its own, including an analogue clock, reboot function, and a viewer.

In short, if you want to improve the accessibility of your installed programs and desk accessories, then look no further than Duh Button Launcher.

Duh Button Launcher Plus allows you to quickly launch applications that are on your Palm OS Device, in your Palm OS device's memory card, or DAs (desk accessories) that are on your Palm OS device!

You can map up to 20 applications, or DAs to each of the four hard buttons (datebook, contacts, to-do list, or notepad). The best part about this, is that DBLP acts like a DA! In other words, the DBLP launcher runs on top of the program you are currently running. So you can launch the DBLP launcher, change your mind about launching another application, and resume your work (as long as the ReturnDA is installed).

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Duh Button Launcher Plus


Duh Button Launcher Plus 1.18

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